The first meeting for the township of Arichat was held on February 19, 1829.

The history of municipal government in Richmond County does not necessarily begin in 1879 when the county was incorporated. Pre-1820, committees were convened each spring and fall to provide local government.

In 1820 the entire island of Cape Breton was classed as one county. Then in 1829 or 1832 four townships, Arichat, Port Hawkesbury, Maitland, and Lennox were created.

Municipal Affairs was under the jurisdiction of the Court of General Sessions, and the first meeting for the township of Arichat was held on February 19, 1829. Arichat’s first doctor, Andrew Madden, presided over the session and continued in this capacity until his death in 1858. He was succeeded by William Creighton of West Arichat.

The districts in 1880:

1. Arichat: C.J. Fuller Jr.

2. Petit de Grat: J.R. Thompson

3. D’Escousse: William LeVesconte (warden)

4. River Inhabitants: Edward Proctor

5. West Bay: Alex Matheson

6. River Bourgeois: M.J.T. MacNeil

7. St. Peter’s: Duncan Cameron

8. Hay Cove: John MacDonald

9. Grand River: John Murchesn (sub-warden)

10. L’Ardoise: William Brymer

11. West Arichat: William LeBlanc

12. William Chisolm (sub-warden)

13. Norman McAskill

Councillors M

Malzard, Charles S. District 1: Arichat

Malzard, Fred District 1: Arichat

Mancini, Joe Districts 7, 8: St. Peter’s 1961-1973

Mann, Richie District 7: St. Peter’s 1985-88

Marchand, Alex D.Districts 4, 6: Louisdale 1953-1962

Marchand, Brian District 6: Louisdale 2008 – present

Marchand, Felix District 4: Louisdale 1964-1978

Martell, Alvin District 4: West Arichat 2005-2020

Martell, Ernest A. District 15: L’Ardoise 1930

Martell, Leonard Districts 9, 10: Lower L’Ardoise 1967-1973

Martell, Onesime District 10: Lower L’Ardoise 1960-1967

Martell, Robert District 2: Petit de Grat 1917

Matheson, Alexander District 5: West Bay 1879-1880

Matheson, Bill District 9: Grand River 1985-1991

Matheson, Dan F. District 9: Grand River/L’Archeveque 1937

Matheson, Donald F. District 9: L’Archeveque

Matheson District 8: Johnstown-Red Islands

McKaskill, Norman District 13: Framboise

McCormick, William L. District 14: Cleveland 1937

McCuish, Alexander J. District 12: Lake Uist/Loch Lomond 1917

McDonald, Anthony D. District 14: Point Tupper

McDonald, D.H. District 13: Framboise

McDonald, John A. District 8: Hay Cove/ Red Islands 1880

McDonald, John J. District 8: Soldier’s Cove

McIntosh, James H. Dundee: 1930

McIntosh, Murdoch District 13: Framboise

McLean, D.E. District 13: Fourchu 1917

McLean, Don District 5: West Bay 1894-1896

McLeod, D.A. District 5

McLeod, D.A. District 13: St. Peter’s

McLeod, Dan J. District 13: Framboise 1930 (Deputy Warden)

McLeod, Dan N. District 13: Framboise 1937

McLeod, Donald J. District 13: Framboise

McLeod, John C. District 5

McLeod, John G. District 13: Stirling

McLeod, Kenneth C. District 12: Loch Lomond/Drummondville

McLeod, Malcolm H. District 12: Loch Lomond West

McNamara, Francis District 5: West Bay (River Inhabitants) 1985-1991

McNamara, M.J.T. District 6: River Bourgeois 1880

McNamara, Shirley District 5: Grand Anse 1991-2016

McNeil, M.J.G. District 6: River Bourgeois

McPhee, Joe District 6: River Bourgeois-Cannes 1979-1985 and 1997-2008

McRae, Allan District 5: St. George’s Channel

McRae, Murdoch District 7: St. Peter’s

McVicar, James District 7: St. Peter’s

Mombourquett, Frank J. District 15: West L’Ardoise 1953-1967

Mombourquette, James District 15: Rockdale

Mombourquette, Joseph George District 10: Lower L’Ardoise 1948

Morrison, Alec E. District 3: St. Peter’s

Morrison, Alexander E. District 14: Point Tupper

Morrison, Allan D. District 7: St. Peter’s 1930

Morrison, Archibald District 6: River Bourgeois