GUYSBOROUGH: The deadline to apply for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough’s (MODG) low-income tax exemption has been extended.

Councillors voted for the extension until October 31 during their regular municipal council meeting on September 16.

Following the meeting, Vernon Pitts, the municipality’s warden, indicated it was something that should have been taken care of earlier.

“This year, we extended our tax return date, and we neglected to extend our exemption date,” Pitts said. “I’m not saying anyone made a mistake here – it was just an oversight.”

He suggested it was their residents who brought it to council’s attention.

“We had a number of calls and e-mails in regards to it – council went the extra mile, we extended the time frame on it, and it’s all good,” Pitts said. “This benefits a lot of people throughout the municipality – it’s [intended for] our less advantaged.”

The municipality’s low-income tax exemption applies to households with a combined annual income of less than $25,000.

Those household that do qualify for the tax exemption will receive $100 off their municipal property tax bill.

However, Pitts expressed his concern how CERB payments may have a negative effect to individuals who would normally be eligible for the exemption.

“I’m going to let the provincial and federal [government] know this may be a potential problem down the road, and to be aware of it, and hopefully they will address it,” he said. “Because I don’t want to see people penalized whereas they lose their income supplement because they’re $100 over.”