COVID-19 turns up the heat

One of life’s truisms is that no two days are the same; we may hope for that to be a certainty but it will never be so.

Simply being alive gives us challenges of varying degrees; how we deal with those existence variables define who we are and demonstrate our strengths. To attempt to live in a Pollyanna world is our decision to make but the real world and the laws of nature will drive pins into such Utopian bubbles.

The COVID-19 virus is the latest pin to stab into our lives. This warlike pandemic through which we are attempting to survive has altered the workings of the world. It is as if we are in a huge social experiment where all is being subjected to a re-examination and it is being caused by an invisible particle.

COVID-19 has thrust wellness, environmental, societal, food supply issues, and economical stressors into our lives, and it has demonstrated that many pre-COVID expectations must be examined and changed. As in other wars, reconstruction projects will follow. Governments will spend massive amounts of dollars to attempt to right wrongs, bolster businesses and assist citizens. Those billions of dollars for support methods will be the ultimate responsibilities of taxpayers, thus much thought must go into their distributions.

Sadly, as demonstrated throughout history, wars bring on carpetbaggers who market false promises. Therefore, we must be vigilant and not allow ourselves to be seduced by economic fantasies.

When we pause to consider our tomorrows, we need to think of the larger scenarios wherein rather than attempting to gain quick fixes, we must build for the next generations. If we destroy to live, we too shall be destroyed; therein lays a paradox. What will enable us to survive and to remain healthy? When we mess with the laws of nature, we will regret such decisions.

Jobs are vital but what will be the ultimate cost for their existence? What services are truly essential? Should organizations and systems be sustained or permitted to die a nature death? What amount of dollars are we willing to spend on acquiring the calibre of people to mount a line of defense for our health necessities? How much longer do we treat our environment as if it is a waste-disposal system? These are some of the troubling questions that will require decisions.

I do not know the true origin of the COVID-19 virus but I am certain that it will not be the last such scourge to attack humans. This virus has clearly demonstrated many of the flaws within our health-care systems, as well as the needs for extensive preparations in training and resources for yet-to-arrive illnesses. When educated and well-trained doctors, nurses and other health-service providers get taken out by what they are educated and trained to combat, what chances do we “normals” have?

One guarantee resulting from this current pandemic is that our tomorrows will be different from our todays. Metaphorically the entire world is on a slippery slope as in the “boiling frog” illustration wherein the frog was placed in pot of cool water on a stove with the heat being gradually turned up. The frog did not realize it was being slowly boiled alive until it was too late. COVID-19 has added more heat to the world.

Ray Bates