The Dundee Resort Folk Music Festival is back for another year at Richmond County’s Dundee Resort and Golf Club.

MULGRAVE: The second annual Dundee Resort Folk Music Festival will be held at the end of May.

Organizer Krista Luddington said this year’s edition, which will take place May 22-24 at the Dundee Resort and Golf Club in Richmond County, is presented by Eastbound Entertainment and sponsored by 101.5 FM The Hawk.

“What we’ve done is we built on what we started last year and added events to the roster for this coming May,” Luddington told The Reporter.

The inaugural festival last year was held on the first weekend in May, but based on feedback and the needs of the venue, organizers decided to move that date.

“We’re really excited about that, we think it will be a good move and the weather will be a little bit warmer,” Luddington said.

The second installment of the festival will still have the headlining show on Saturday night, but this year a Friday night show has been added, for which tickets can be purchased specifically for that concert, or for the whole weekend. This Friday event will have a songwriter’s circle format, featuring Eastbound (comprised of Luddington and her husband Jay), Isle Madame musicians Delores and Nick Boudreau, Julie Murphy from Havre Boucher, and Isle Madame native Decota McNamara.

Jay and Krista Luddington make up the Strait area duo Eastbound.

Because last year’s attendees expressed a desire for instructional workshops, Luddington said there will be three sessions staggered, with daytime performances, throughout the day on Saturday.

There will also be a songwriter’s workshop during the weekend, led by Pictou County’s Ray Stewart, in addition to two guitar workshops; one a finger-style workshop led by McNamara, the other will be led by Cape Bretoner Keith Mullins on Celtic accompaniment.

Luddington said they are currently firming up the schedule for the daytime performances which they expect to release via social media in the coming weeks.

On Saturday night, award winning singer/songwriter and one-half of the Sons of Maxwell, Dave Carroll, will be the festival’s headline performer.

“You might recognize the name from the trilogy ‘United Breaks Guitars,’ and Dave is a professional speaker, he’s travelled all around the world spreading his message,” Luddington noted. “He’s written a book about the whole ‘United Breaks Guitars’ fiasco, and he has some really great music and stories to tell.”

Another addition to the roster is one final open-mic concert featuring Stewart on Sunday, before attendees leave.

Along with the shows and workshops are nightly jam sessions downstairs in Chanter’s Pub.

“To make this work, we’re really encouraging festival attendees to bring their instruments and join in on the fun,” Luddington explained. “It was really incredible to see last year how people just connected and it was young and old, and everyone in between. Different genres, obviously along the folk lines, but I’m sure you well know that the lines become a bit blurry when it comes to music, so it could be Celtic, it could be country, it could be folk, it could be light rock… It was really neat to see people coming from all walks of life, all different geographical areas and different experiences, come into the room, join the circle and just develop some great mentorships, friendships and connections.”

Luddington added that packages are on sale now. For more information on the Dundee Resort Folk Music Festival, call Judy at the Dundee Resort between Tuesday and Thursday at 902-345-2649 extension 416 or go to: Those interested can also check out the resort’s Facebook page, or the Facebook page for the duo Eastbound, as well as the group’s Web site: