Pictured is Strait-Richmond Hospital in Evanston.

Approximately four years ago, I had a gallbladder attack following cancer surgery.

I was taken to the Strait-Richmond Hospital’s emergency department, where I was immediately treated and sent to Antigonish for surgery.

I had a reasonable span of health until December 19, 2019 when I had an accute pancreatic attack. Again, I was taken to the Strait-Richmond. I was immediately treated and admitted, then I was sent to St. Martha’s for a cat scan and returned to the emergency department to be treated by the excellent staff until my release for Christmas.

I am writing this to thank the attending doctor and nurses who cared for me. They are the most professional, caring, efficient, and dedicated people that I have ever met.

They went above and beyond in all aspects of my care. I feel that this hospital does not get enough credit for all they do for us here in the Strait area.

God bless each and every one of them!

Belle MacIntyre

Port Hawkesbury