Exits in Port Hawkesbury sometimes confusing

Attention and assessment is needed concerning three exit sites in Port Hawkesbury; two sites coming from McDonalds and one site coming out from the Causeway Shopping Centre exit.

I witnessed heavy volumes of vehicle traffic in this area. The other day, I saw vehicles in a single line as far as the gas station coming out from the Causeway Shopping Centre, and all due to the red light at the set of traffic lights at the corner of Reeves Street.

McDonalds and the Causeway Shopping Centre parking lot exits meet traffic face-to-face. This makes for a dangerous situation for drivers when the traffic volume is heavier than the street is capable of handling.

The set of traffic lights at the end of the street turning onto Reeves Street is only a short distance from the three exits mentioned.

I have two ideas; one, change the main McDonald’s exit to another location away from, the Causeway Shopping Centre traffic, and second, change the Reeves Street traffic light time setting to allow for more vehicles to go through. Around 30 or 40 seconds would make an improvement in the traffic flow going through at the traffic lights.

Now that spring arrived and summer is soon to follow, I’m sure more traffic is in future. At these three exits there’s bound to be some added traffic. I for one would like to see an improvement for less confusion.

Looking forward to a positive outcome over this safety concern.

Clarence Landry