‘Funniest man in Canada’ coming to Strathspey Place October 23

On October 23, comedian Derek Edwards will take the stage at the Strathspey Place Performing Arts Centre in Mabou.

TORONTO, ON: Dubbed by none other than Rick Mercer as the “funniest man in Canada,” comedian Derek Edwards will take the stage at the Strathspey Place Performing Arts Centre on October 23 at 7:30 p.m.

“It’s crushingly embarrassing and sweet beyond belief,” Edwards said of Mercer’s compliment. “Him saying that is just ridiculous.”

Edwards said this is his first trip to Mabou and this the first Maritime stop in his cross-country tour “So Here’s the Thing…” for which he’s preparing with mixed results. When he searched for “Mabou,” in Google an Alicia Keys song came up, and when he found a Streetview of Mabou, all he located was a lone grey-coloured house.

“I’m hyped and ready, I’m psyched-up,” Edwards said. “I’m getting all the details sort of thrown together. I feel like I’m doing a Grade 7 science project. I’ve got all this bristle board around me with lines and arrows.”

Coming two days after Canadians elect a new government and in the midst of an impending impeachment crisis in the United States, Edwards expects his set to have a political tone.

“There’s some doings going on to the south of us that I got fingers crossed for a certain outcome,” Edwards said laughing. “There’ll be repercussions of [the Canadian election] to kick around if you can drum up anybody’s interest in the results of a Canadian election.”

Pointing to the gut-busting, and bang-on analysis of late night hosts like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver, Edwards noted that one positive by-product of the Trump presidency is that “people are really watching the news now.”

“Everybody’s kind of watching for the next stumble, the next debacle, the next horrific lowering of the bar of human endeavours that his guy has mastered,” Edwards stated. “As much they despise him, he’s one of those villains that some people like following.

“For all the lovable Trump haters out there, I don’t want to leave them hanging. I want to make sure I’m bringing up-to-date garbage for them to sift through.”

In the realm of Canadian politics, Edwards used his neighbour to illustrate a point.

“I’ve got a neighbour here in Toronto, like on the 26th of December last year, he took his tree from the living room and stuck it on the front of his lawn for the garbage guys to pick up; there was still tinsel and a couple of ornaments on it,” he noted. “That’s it, he was sick and tired of Christmas, and I think, very much so, that’s what people with election signs on their lawns are probably just going to have a bonfire.

“In the same breath, you look to the south of us, I think they still got 390 days left in their electoral process, your heart’s gotta go out.”

With 30 years on the comedy circuit, Edwards got his big break at the Just for Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal in the late 1990s.

“Just getting a handle on it now,” Edwards remarked of his career thus far. “Actually, the Just for Laughs was a pretty big break because, you know, it’s on the TV.”

Edwards is a four-time nominee, and winner of Best Standup Comic at the Canadian Comedy Awards, as well as a multiple Gemini nominee for Best Performance in a Comedy

For ticket information, visit: www.shantero.com or call the Strathspey Place Performing Arts Centre box office at 902-945-5300.