MacMaster tables road petition

HALIFAX: The MLA for Inverness said he’s done his best to send a message from the people of Margaree to the provincial government.

The Progressive Conservative MLA did so by tabling a 90-signature petition regarding Egypt Road. The petition called upon the provincial government to address problems with the road, and it was tabled on September 27.

“It’s been a long time since the road was paved, the surface is in pretty bad shape, and there was a blocked culvert causing some flooding,” MacMaster said.

“So the residents put together a petition last spring. I didn’t have an opportunity to table it at that time, but I did send it to the minister [Lloyd Hines]. I had an opportunity to table it this fall when the house reopened.”

MacMaster said the culvert was fixed, but pavement is something that still has to be addressed.

“I think it’s important that residents know when they get together to create a petition, it does go somewhere,” MacMaster said. “It’s given its time in the legislature.

“If people don’t raise matters, we won’t know what’s going on.”