INVERNESS: The member show, Hands Dancing, will run at Inverness County Centre for the Arts (ICCA) until August 30. The gallery will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

“Hands Dancing celebrates the talent and beauty that surrounds us here in Inverness County,” said Lindsay Ryan, ICCA co-chair, “It never disappoints! We can all use some inspiration, now more than ever.”

The Hands Dancing exhibit is a show of artwork started in the 1980’s. The first venue to host the show was the Inverness legion, it then moved to the upstairs of the Inverness post office. When the Inverness County Centre for the arts was built in 2003, the exhibit found its current home, where it has been well received. It is the only non-juried that ICCA hosts.

The ICCA Gift Shop is now open and features work from the likes of Virginia McCoy, Darryl MacLeod, Larch Wood, Eileen MacNeil, Sheep’s Clothing, Marilyn Ellison, Brooklyn Stewart, Celeste Friesen, and more.

Due to COVID 19 concerns, there was not an opening event for this year’s show. For more information on Hands Dancing, please visit:, or e-mail: