In a time of need we can rely on emergency responders

This letter is to publicly thank the members of the RCMP and Port Hawkesbury Firefighters, as well as EHS staff, who came to my rescue after a recent accident.

On March 6, my husband and I took a lovely walk on the Hemlock Trail, starting at the parking lot at Grant’s Pond. We intended to go as far as Grandpa’s Bridge and return.

I fell twice, banging up my knee and chipping my ankle bone.

After the second fall I could no longer stand. We called 911 and within minutes about a dozen police officers and fire fighters were on scene, putting me in a basket and then on a one wheeled cart to get me to a waiting ambulance by the highway.

The care, professionalism and good cheer of these people truly rescued me that day. Rest assured, with a cast on for the next few weeks, I will not be trying to walk any icy slopes again this year.

Thank you so very much for your help.

Cathy Cooke

Port Hawkesbury