Inverness warden up against 2 candidates

Former SRSB chair enters municipal politics

PORT HOOD: There will be two councillors acclaimed and some interesting races in Inverness County.

Deputy Warden Alfred Poirier in district 1 (the Cheticamp area) and Laurie Cranton in district 2 (the Margarees) will return to Inverness Municipal Council after no challengers stepped forward when the deadline for candidates closed on September 8.

While those districts will not have elections, the same cannot be said in district 3 (the Inverness area) where incumbent Jim Mustard is up against Larry Lariviere, Bonny MacIsaac, and Gerald M. Poirier. In 2016 Mustard took the district with a 28-vote majority.

District 4 incumbent John MacLennan is facing challenges from Jason Bernard and Christine Dowling in a seat he won by 347 votes in 2016 when he knocked off then warden Duart MacAulay.

After being acclaimed four years ago, in district 5 (the Port Hood-Mabou area), Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie is up against Lynn Chisholm and Thom Oomen this time around.

In district 6 (Judique-Port Hastings), incumbent John Dowling is facing former Strait regional school board chair Mary Jess MacDonald, Catherine L. Gillis, and Gerard Gillis. Dowling defeated then incumbent, and MacDonald’s son Dwayne by 38 votes in 2016.