LGBTQ+ group requests space for regular events

The first ever Strait Area Pride March was held on June 29 in Port Hawkesbury, featuring speeches, music and a march down Reeves Street.

PORT HAWKESBURY: A request for space from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two Spirit (LGBTQ+) community to host regular events is on hold as the town considers its options.

During a special meeting of Port Hawkesbury Town Council held virtually on July 27, Dan Ferguson made a request on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community for the Town of Port Hawkesbury to provide them with space for a monthly dance or gathering.

Both councillors Blaine MacQuarrie and Mark MacIver expressed their support for such an event.

While noting that with COVID-19 still around, it will be difficult to find a suitable and safe location, councillor Hughie MacDougall said he still supports the request.

Chief Administrative Officer Terry Doyle agreed there are concerns with public health restrictions in place.

“Once restrictions are relaxed, and we can move forward with that, then we can look at venue options,” Doyle noted.

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton said there are several sites that would be suitable, including rooms at the Strait Area Yacht Club, or the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre.

The mayor added she will speak with Ferguson to get a better idea of what the group wants, then take that back to council for further discussion.

“Making sure, to Hughie’s point, that it’s done safely and to Terry’s point that we’re taking into account all of the weekly and monthly changes with regard to the pandemic,” Chisholm-Beaton added. “When we’re able to accommodate the request, we can do so, when it’s safe to do so.”