Highway 104 was built over 40 years ago as a non- access highway from either direction starting west to east from Port Hawkesbury and ending at River Tillard Bridge.

No one is permitted to make a left or right hand turn going onto or exiting Highway 104 with a vehicle and highway off ramps are the only ways to enter and exit for the motoring public.

I feel it’s time and important for a re-assessment to move the road leading into the

Strait-Richmond Hospital from its present location. The road leading into the hospital should be re-located straight across from the hospital parking lot and leading straight onto Highway 104.

The entrance we encounter today to reach the hospital while traveling in a westerly direction consists of one right hand turn, one left hand turn, one stop sign, a second left-hand turn, and one more right hand turn to reach the hospital grounds.

While traveling along Highway 104 from Port Hawkesbury to River Tillard Bridge, I see some access roadways leading from properties put in place over the 40 years on this stretch of highway. One is where a logging operation took place. A second is where another driveway leading to a wood lot. And a third is where a new tower was put erected recently.

It’s due time to make a change and provide an easier, safer enter way to reach the Strait Richmond Hospital’s parking lot and the emergency department.

Clarence Landry