MULGRAVE: Representatives with Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) recently visited Mulgrave to explain the town’s increasing property assessments.

Officials with the Dartmouth-based property management company made their presentation during the regular Mulgrave Town Council meeting on March 2.

Town councillors made a request for the company to provide information to them after receiving a number of calls from residents who were concerned of their increased property assessments, and in return, their property tax rates.

Mulgrave Mayor, Ralph Hadley, said following the meeting that it doesn’t make any sense to him for the assessments in the town to increase.

“We figured that our assessment would be a lot lower – we don’t have a bank, we don’t [even] have a store,” the mayor said. “We’ve lost all of our businesses in our town, and [in 2018] we lost our school.”

Hadley said PVCS reps explained to them property assessments are calculated using the housing market, with neighbouring communities used as comparisons.

For Mulgrave, it doesn’t make sense to use a nearby town as a comparison, Hadley added, given how different Mulgrave is from surrounding towns in the area.