Pictured is Richmond Municipal Council from the middle of the 20th century.

The history of municipal government in Richmond County does not necessarily begin in 1879 when the county was incorporated.

Pre-1820, committees were convened each spring and fall to provide local government. In 1820, the entire island of Cape Breton was classed as one county.

Then in 1829 (or 1832?) four townships, Arichat, Port Hawkesbury, Maitland, and Lennox were created. Municipal Affairs was under the jurisdiction of the Court of General Sessions, and the first meeting for the township of Arichat was held on February 19, 1829. Arichat’s first doctor, Andrew Madden, presided over the session and continued in this capacity until his death in 1858. He was succeeded by William Creighton of West Arichat.

Districts in 1880

1. Arichat: C.J. Fuller Jr.

2. Petit de Grat: J.R. Thompson

3. D’Escousse: Wm. LeVesconte (warden)

4. River Inhabitants: Edward Proctor

5. West Bay: Alex Matheson

6. River Bourgeois: M.J.T. MacNeil

7. St. Peter’s: Duncan Cameron

8. Hay Cove: John MacDonald

9. Grand River: John Murchesn (sub-warden)

10. L’Ardoise: Wm. Brymer

11. West Arichat: Wm. LeBlanc

12. Wm. Chisolm (sub-warden)

13. Norman McAskill


Dunphy, William

Boucher, Simon A. 1930

Bourinot, Marshall 1953-1958

Benoit, Emile 1961-1970

Comeau, Paul 1973-1976

Boudreau, Wayne 1994-97

Boudreau, Chuck 1997-2008

David, Victor 2008- 2014


Boudreau, William 1964-1967


Doyle, Edward (Ned) D’Escousse/Poulamond 1917, named deputy warden in 1930

Beaton, Malcolm District 3 D’Escousse 1988-2014

Grand River

Cameron, John 1956-1973 (Deputy Warden)

Cook, Earl Grand River-Framboise-Fourchu: 1982-85

Hay Cove

Cameron, Michael


Campbell, Colin 1959-1963


Brymer, William 1880

Birrette, Ken

Loch Lomond

Chisholm, William


Cotton, Richie 1991-2011 (Warden)

Lower L’Ardoise

Doucett, Vera 1978

Petit de Grat

Bowen, Thomas H. 1937

Boudreau, David E. 1953-1958

Boudreau, J. Rudolph

Boudreau, Audrey 1979-1982

Boudreau, John 2004 (Warden)

Boudreau, Harry T.

Boudreau, Henry H

Point Tupper

Campbell, Malcolm 1930


Britten, James D.

Port Royal

Doiron, John 1930, 1953-1960

Doiron, Henry L.

River Bourgeois

Bouchard, Clarence C.

Burke, Fred D.

Digout, Louis 1976-1977

Boudreau, Terry 1976-1985

Boucher, Gilbert 2008–present

River Tillard

Burke, John P. 1930 (Warden)

St. Peter’s

Cameron, Duncan 1880

Currie, John 1959-1960

West Arichat

Boudreau, Thos P.

Doiron, Vincent 1959-1967

Duann, Francis 1967-1973

Bourque, Gerry 1985-2004

West Bay

Calder, William 1880-1884, 1886-1890

Calder, James D. 1904-1910