RICHMOND COUNTY: National Seniors Day was October 1.

What a great time to commit to “Plow It Forward” in celebration of seniors in the Strait area.

This year the Seniors Take Action Coalition is asking individuals to make a commitment to assist seniors in clearing their walkways and driveways of snow and ice. Seniors with physical disabilities or health issues put themselves at serious risk of heart attacks, falls and stroke.

“Choosing to adopt an elderly neighbour and make a volunteer commitment to clear snow and ice this winter is a wonderful way to show our appreciation,” says Celeste Gotell, member of the Seniors Take Action Coalition.

Everyone can think of a senior who has made an impact in their lives. They are mentors, leaders, grandparents, and loved ones. They are volunteers,  neighbours and role models.
Through their commitment to remain active, engaged and informed, seniors across the country are demonstrating to Canadians of all ages exactly what it means to age well. And the public is benefiting from their ongoing contributions.

Take the time to celebrate seniors and show appreciation for everything they do. Get involved in Plow It Forward!

The coalition also encourages people to find their own unique way to celebrate the seniors in their life. However they choose to express their gratitude, the message that older Canadians are valued will be heard and appreciated.

The coalition is proud of the seniors in the community. The group values what they have done  and they deserve thanks. The coalition encourages everyone to thank the seniors in their lives.

The Seniors Take Action Coalition works collaboratively to address seniors’ issues in local communities. Through ongoing dialogue, information sharing and identifying community resources, the coalition is committed to enhance services and programs for seniors. Members of the coalition come from various seniors clubs and other organizations, all involved in seniors programming and services.

Anyone who plans to help put a senior in the Plow it Forward initiative can contact Kalen Long, Seniors Take Action Coalition support worker, at: