It has been my privilege and my pleasure to serve as municipal councillor for all of Richmond County and district 5 in particular for the past 25 years. It is therefore with some sadness and regret that I announce that the time has come for me to withdraw from this position.

Thank you to all of my constituents who have supported and encouraged me during my time in office. I have at all times put forward my best effort to improve the lives of Richmond County residents, and I am proud of the legacy my collegial work leaves behind.

I played a role in assuring that local churches, halls, museums, and other community buildings have access to tax relief. I was pivotal in establishing the Richmond County Literacy Network which has proven beneficial to so many residents of our county. I have worked to support library service and security across the entire province while serving on the Library Association of Nova Scotia. My work with the Pitu’paq Committee, which aligns the Native Community and the municipal units in caring for and preserving the quality of the Bras d’Or Lake, has been rewarding in both it conversations and it outcomes.

And while I could highlight many more instances of proactive involvement over the last 25 years, I will say that the greatest satisfaction I received was in working one-on-one with the residents of district 5 and in all of Richmond County.

My hope for district 5, as you are now incorporated into district 3, is that you remain well represented and that you continue to do your part to enhance our area and the quality of life for our people.  Thank you again!

Shirley McNamara