New councils need to work together

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce wishes to congratulate those joining or returning to our region’s municipal councils. We also thank the many strong candidates who put their names forward to serve.
This election has brought significant change to municipal governments in our region. At least five of the eight chairs at the next Strait Area Mayors and Wardens meeting will have new occupants. We hope that the new regional leadership will use this committee effectively, and build on its successes. With many of the successful candidates running on platforms of inter-municipal cooperation, including Cape Breton Island’s first female mayor, Brenda Chisholm-Beaton, we believe there is reason for optimism.
The voters of our region, and specifically Strait Area Chamber of Commerce members, want to see our municipal politicians work together and build positive relationships. Our personal lives and economic ecosystems cross municipal boundaries regularly – and whether it is through Regional Economic Networks, port development planning, land use planning, or cultural/recreational infrastructure – much good can be accomplished with regional cooperation.
An election provides an opportunity for a fresh start in many ways. We hope that the newly elected Council in Richmond County will lead to a new era of transparency, stability, and modern governance there. The people expect no less. Not least among the damage caused by the recent controversies in our region has been to our reputation as a place to invest. That must be repaired at every opportunity.
The Strait Area Chamber is committed to working with our municipal partners to build upon the strong relationship that have been fostered in recent years between the business community and our local governments.
We believe that for our region to prosper, we all must rededicate ourselves to open communication and collaboration across local borders, and continue to make our region a great place in which to live, work, invest, and do business.

Adam Rodgers , past president
Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, Port Hawkesbury