Pro wrestling stars visit Civic Centre

PORT HAWKESBURY: The top professional wrestlers from throughout Atlantic Canada will put on quite a show this Saturday night at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre.
“Titus, our champion, will be in town,” said Innovative Hybrid Wresting promoter Kevin Tyler, speaking to the Reporter from Moncton, New Brunswick, last week.
“We also have Riddick Stone, Julien Young, Remi Petit, James Liberty, and we have women’s wrestling as well. We have Miss Gia and Maddison Miles showing what the ladies can do.”
Miles is something of a super rookie, as the Saturday show marks her one-year anniversary in the sport. She is a 16-year-old from Halifax who, despite being young, has done some extensive travel to get a hefty number of matches under her belt.
It’s expected that she and Miss Gia will have quite the rumble.
Titus ought to bring the pain as well. Indeed, he’s no stranger to the area, having visited the Richmond Arena with another promotion a couple of years ago.
An 11-year veteran to the sport, Titus held the IHW strap since 2012. He’s not only a star-draw in Atlantic Canada, but he’s also rumbled in England, Wales, Quebec, and Maine. When not defending his title, Titus is one of the top trainers at the Maritime Wrestling School in Moncton.
Remi Petit is another man who’s held the IHW championship. A 300-pounder from Dieppe, New Brunswick, Petit has put many men away with his spear finisher.
Julien Young, who is also an instructor at Maritime Wrestling School, is no stranger to Titus, as the two men have had some classic battles. Young is known to mention he has nine years of amateur and Greco-Roman wrestling experience, and he has twice held Titus’ belt.
Riddick Stone, who visited the area before along with Titus, is a Nova Scotian from Fall River known for being trained by Wildman Gary Williams. He’s also known as one of the strongest guys this side of Giant MacAskill.
James Liberty is also a man not to be messed with, as he’s the current IHW TV champion.
Tyler is anxious to give local fans a chance to see his crew in action.
“We just passed the 11 year mark,” he said. “We’re based out of Moncton, and we spent seven or eight years there before we went out of town. Thanks to our agreement with Bell, we’re on Bell TV1 with an on-demand show that’s really upped our exposure.
“We’ve been all over New Brunswick mostly, but when we have an opportunity to visit Nova Scotia, we jumped on it.
“We haven’t seen business like this in quite a few years.”
The IHW brand of wrestling is family-friendly, so local moms and dads won’t have to worry about their kids seeing or hearing the wrong thing. Wrestling is an intense, a high-impact sport, but excessive violence and nasty language isn’t what IHW provides.
Tickets are now available at Strait Car Care, and advanced tickets are a few bucks cheaper than what you shell out at the door. With that, the event is a fundraiser for everyone’s favourite Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League team.
“A portion of the door is going to the Strait Pirates so we hope people come out not only to see a good night of professional wrestling but to help the local team as well,” Tyler said.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and bell time is 7 p.m.

Former champion Remi Petit is one of the Innovative Hybrid Wrestling top dogs looking for action this Saturday.
One of the biggest and strongest dudes in local wrestling, Riddick Stone, will be looking to entertain fans this Saturday.
Former champion Remi Petit is one of the Innovative Hybrid Wrestling top dogs looking for action this Saturday.
Former champion Remi Petit is one of the Innovative Hybrid Wrestling top dogs looking for action this Saturday.