GUYSBOROUGH: There is potential that the council in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) will look completely different as there will be races in five of the eight districts.

Three of their council seats have already been acclaimed prior to the October 17 municipal election.

In district 1 (Guysborough, Erinville, Guysborough Interval) current councillor Miles MacDonald will not be re-offering, resulting in political newcomer Paul Long securing his seat.

Also being acclaimed were incumbents Dave Hanhams in district 4 and Rickey McLaren in district 7.

In district 2 (Lincolnville, Sunnyville, Upper Big Tracadie), Sheila Pelly who was first elected in 2004, will be contested by Mary Germaine Desmond.

In district 3 (North Riverside, Boylston, Manchester, St. Francis Harbour, Melford and Auld’s Cove), incumbent Neil DeCoff and Elton MacPherson will square off.

In district 5 (Little Dover, Hazel Hill, Tickle, Fox Island), Janet Peitzsche, who was first elected to council in 1997, will go up against Lynette Newell for a seat at the council table.

In district 6 (Lundy, Larry’s River, New Harbour, Tor Bay, Charlos Cove), Vernon Pitts who was first elected to council in 1994 and became the municipality’s warden in 2013, will be in a contest for the council seat against Susan Cashin.

In district 8 (Canso, Tickle), incumbent Fin Armsworthy, who has over 20-years of experience sitting around council tables, will be in a race against Silva Rehel.