Port Hawkesbury KFC outlet closes suddenly after 50 years

After almost 50 years in business, the KFC outlet in Port Hawkesbury was closed earlier this week.

PORT HAWKESBURY: A take-out restaurant that became a community institution after almost 50 years in business, has closed suddenly.

On Sunday night, employees of the KFC outlet in Port Hawkesbury were notified that the operation was closing. Yesterday, workers were at the Reeves Street site taking down KFC signs, locking the doors and removing equipment.

When asked for comment, workers hired by KFC Canada to move the fryers, pressure cookers, ovens, cash registers, refrigerators, and freezers from Port Hawkesbury, referred The Reporter to the company’s website.

Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton’s uncle Francis Samson was the original manager and her mother Sandra Chisholm worked at what was then called Kentucky Fried Chicken for 18 years.

“It’s a hard thing seeing any long-serving business close its doors,” the mayor added.

Photos by Jake Boudrot
On Jan. 17 employees were notified, and the next day at the Reeves Street site, the doors were locked, KFC signs taken down, and the equipment was removed.