Councillors asked to attend village commission meetings

ARICHAT: Before agreeing to meet with a village commission, council wants to speak with the municipal solicitor.

Warden Amanda Mombourquette told the Jan. 11 committee of the whole meeting of Richmond Municipal Council that she attended a meeting with St. Peter’s Village Commission members on Jan. 4.

“That meeting was just for me, it was more informational learning for me to get an update on activities and operations of the village, and sort of, their perspective on the interaction with the municipality,” she told council. “As you know, there’s a strong partnership there.”

The warden explained that the commission does operate sewer and water systems in St. Peter’s.

The commissioners suggested quarterly meetings attended by select municipal and commission staff, as well as all councillors and commissioners, she said.

“My understanding is that if they are looking for funding to conduct infrastructure projects, from time-to-time, they might apply to the county to access some of our Gas Tax Funds,” Mombourquette explained. “And they are interested, I guess, in also exploring opportunities for future development and collaboration.”

The warden said these meetings did take place in the past, but haven’t occurred for some time, and she said the commission is looking to work together with the municipality to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Deputy warden Michael Diggdon and district 1 councillor Shawn Samson said council should try to set up a meeting with the commission as soon as they are able.

“I think it’s time to reach back out and make some connections,” Diggdon told council.

Chief Administrative Officer Don Marchand requested council first seek advice from the municipal solicitor.

“Because outside of the council table here, there may be some implication here that we may not be able to do that, or discuss anything that would involve any type of request,” he said.

While open to the principle of meeting quarterly, district 3 councillor Melanie Sampson agreed that a legal opinion is a good idea.

“What the agenda perhaps looks like, perhaps we may need to have a conversation about, and we’ll take the lead from the solicitor,” she told council.

Council approved a motion to instruct Marchand to contact their lawyer about the nature and timing of meetings with the village commission.