Reader happy deal reached over fire protection services

I am writing this in regards to the deal reached over fire protection for Point Tupper from the March 24 edition of The Reporter.

On behalf of the residents of Point Tupper, I would like to express our appreciation to the Town of Port Hawkesbury, the Municipality of the County of Richmond, the Port Hawkesbury Volunteer Fire Department, and the Louisdale Volunteer Fire Department for the amount of work that was done to come up with an agreement that was acceptable to everyone concerned.

This is certainly welcome news for everyone in Point Tupper; knowing that the Port Hawkesbury fire department will be the first responder for this area.

Thank you to all who were involved, especially to the Port Hawkesbury and Louisdale fire departments, as they both have been the first responder in this area at different times over the past years.

Carol Oliver

Point Tupper