Richmond solidly behind Mi’kmaw Summer Games

ARICHAT: The municipality is planning to budget more money to contribute to the upcoming Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games from July 7 to 14 in Potlotek First Nation.

During the regular monthly meeting on April 25 in Arichat, Richmond Municipal Council accepted a recommendation from its committee of the whole that a $10,000 sponsorship for the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games be included in the draft budget.

“What an honour for Potlotek to be hosting the Mi’kmaw Summer Games, and for us to be part of the region that is going to be hosting those games,” Warden Amanda Mombourquette said. “I’m happy that we’ve come forward with $10,000, and we will go into budget with that as our minimum. We will still look for ways to increase that level of support.”

The warden anticipates the games will be “fantastic,” but she recognizes how much work and support it will take to make it happen.

“Aside from the social impact, which is huge, the economic impact is also going to be really, really wonderful for Richmond County,” she added. “We’ve got folks coming from all over North America to attend these games. We want to be part of that process and putting our best foot forward as a region to make that everybody feels welcome, and we’re showing them the best that Richmond County has to offer, and doing everything we can to support our neighbours in Potlotek to be hugely successful in pulling off these games. It’s a big, big undertaking.”