Seaboard Tire moves next door

PORT HAWKESBURY: A long-time business in the town has packed up and moved next door.

On October 30, Seaboard Tire held a ribbon cutting for its new office, which stands next to its previous office on MacIntosh Avenue in the Port Hawkesbury Business Park.

Owner Joe Shannon said this is the second move for the business, which started in 1972 on Paint Street in Port Hawkesbury then moved to its former home in the business park a few years later.

“We’ve been around a long time and we have a responsibility to our employees and to our customers,” Shannon said. “We’ll be around for a while yet, I hope. We want to demonstrate to the community, to our customers and to our employees that we’re committed to this community. They’ve been good to us.”

After starting in June, construction wrapped up at the end the July, and staff moved into the new office in August. Since then Seaboard Tire ran a grand opening promotion in September and October, with prizes and draws.

Shannon said this move to a larger, more modern facility allows Seaboard Tire to provide customers with better service, particularly for a growing female clientele.

“It’s a risk I know, it would’ve been just as easy to close down and go home and the government to send us all cheques, but that’s not the way we think,” the Strait are business owner noted. “We have a responsibility to invest in the community. We’ve got good leadership in the community; in the town council here, the in the mayor.”

Shannon reports that staff and customers are happy with the new office.

“I know our staff are very happy with the new facility, and our customers,” he said. “The service is good and there’s lots to do when you’re waiting for your car to get fixed.”

The owner added that such investments in the community are very important to him and his employees, as well as for the future of the business.

“We have good employees here, when you look at them you can see that they’re all fairly young,” Shannon added. “We have to make sure that they grow up here and raise families, and send their kids to school, and then their grandchildren will be coming here. We hope we’ll be around for a while.”