Spotify playlist

I sent a friend I haven’t seen in a while a Spotify playlist of songs I thought might remind her of me.

I’m not sure why I did this but it was a thing and here we are. I am super-tired and thinking deeper into why my brain suggests I do things is a conversation for another time. Anyway, here we go.

“Self Esteem”- The Offspring: I have poor self-esteem. Plus I dislike this song, and since I dislike myself sometimes because of the low self esteem, it’s kind of perfect. It also came out in my formative years and I head-butted more than one of my friends when this would play at high school dances so… wow. How did I ever have friends?

“Good Vibrations” – The Beach Boys: Well this is just a good tune, through and through. I can’t say I grew up on The Beach Boys but they were very familiar. I dislike the beach but then so did most of The Beach Boys (Dennis was the lone surfer of the bunch) so I am okay with including this song.

“Dizzy”- Green Apple Quick Step: Found this little gem on the Basketball Diaries soundtrack that I purchased for songs by Jim Carroll, the writer of the book upon which the movie is based. The lyrics make no sense but the song seems to be a soundtrack for a mild freak-out, which is where my head is approximately 34 per cent of the time so yeah, I dig it.

“I Wanna Be Sedated” – The Ramones: The Ramones are my favourite band. This is not my favourite of their songs but it is fitting. Not that I need sedation… I just really like it. Calm down, folks. At least I didn’t put “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue.”

“Free Falling” – John Mayer: Yes yes, sacrilege, I know. I’m not saying it is better than the Tom Petty version. I just like this one. It’s less… upbeat and I appreciate a lack of optimism from time-to-time. Plus, I like John Mayer’s stuff. Come at me taste nerds. I really don’t care.

“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” – Wham: It’s very optimistic and sometimes I appreciate that as well. Say what you want about Mr. Michaels but that dude can sing. Plus, it reminds me of Deadpool which is always good.

“World In My Eyes” – Depeche Mode (Cicada Mix): I got hooked on this one through the Ready Player One soundtrack. There’s nothing deeper here than I just really like the song.

“LA Woman” – The Doors: It’s arguably one of the greatest rock songs ever written. I was a big fan of The Doors in high school. Then we had a tiff and we both let it build into something where neither of us was comfortable. Thankfully, I pulled the plug on the relationship before things went too sour so now we have a begrudging respect for each other, if not an actual relationship. Now if I was half as good with people as I am with music… I’d probably still be terrible with people but I’d be much better than I am now.

“Walk on the Wild Side” – Lou Reed: Again, it’s arguably one of the greatest rock songs ever written. Plus it’s about weirdoes and I like weirdoes because I am kind of a weirdo.

I’m done now.