Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Mulgrave Mayor Ralph Hadley and the rest of Mulgrave Town Council.

It seems like you understand the situation here in rural Nova Scotia. Nova Scotians for Equalization Fairness (NSEF) has made a presentation to your town and we have moved on to other towns in rural Nova Scotia to try and get more rural areas in the province onboard.

The provincial government is currently receiving over $2.1 billion because of the poor economic situation in the rural areas. Ottawa is sending this money so the province can help us but the opposite is happening. They are keeping us depressed to ensure this funding comes year after year into the provincial coffers.

Halifax Regional Municipality does not qualify to receive any equalization whatsoever and yet we all can see that they are spending it all there instead of helping the places that Ottawa is sending it to equalize us, as Canadians.

We have to challenge our MLAs, MPs, Prime Minister, finance minister and the premier on this issue. Canadian taxpayers from right across this country are sending funding so that we all can live equally with the rest of Canadians, but our own provincial government is misappropriating this funding and not using it for its intended purpose.

They have refused to discuss it now for over 20 years, so you know something is wrong. We all need to come together and force change.

If you would like a contact list to start to write e-mails to the various levels of government, we can send that to you. The federal government is not innocent in all this. It is their responsibility to look after the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as protecting our constitutional rights, but they are siding with their party politics and allowing this to happen.

They state that transfers to the provinces are unconditional but our lawyers have researched this and this is a policy and not law.

It is time the residents of rural Nova Scotia all sign on a class action lawsuit against both levels of government for what they are doing to their citizens. We are over-taxed and burdened and under serviced because of the misappropriation of public funds that are currently going on in Nova Scotia.

Good for you Mayor Hadley for speaking up and speaking out. The rest of rural Nova Scotia needs to be doing the same.

Dr. Rev. Albert Maroun

Nova Scotians for

Equalization Fairness