The Great Outdoors: A re-branding for Whycocomagh

    WHYCOCOMAGH: Representatives with Inverness County were on-hand last week to unveil a new branding, streetscape and façade project for Whycocomagh.

    Four years ago the municipality had been approached by the Whycocomagh Development Association to talk about the program that had happened in other communities and what the process would be in order to attracting one to the community of Whycocomagh.

    “This is going to be a game changer for Whycocomagh,” Melanie Beaton, Inverness’ special projects facilitator said. “This is huge for us, we’re going to become a destination.”

    Tracey Boutilier, owner of ViBE Creative Group said the project’s goals were to elevate the village and surrounding areas from a beautification perspective, slowing people down and encouraging them to stop and enjoy Whycocomagh.

    “That was top of mind for everyone who participated in the consultation process,” she said.

    Additionally, they wanted to contribute to the community health and well-being, enhancing active lifestyles, accessibility and access to nature and outdoor adventure; while also making residents proud and visitors to feel even more welcome.

    They hosted two community engagement sessions in Whycocomagh, in which 50 people participated, something Boutilier indicated you don’t often see that great of a response usually.

    The new logo designed for Whycocomagh, which plays off the fact they’re a four-season destination, and features a mongramed ‘W’ inside the mountains.

    Four key aspects kept coming to the top, as they were looking at branding a destination like Whycocomagh; its scenic beauty of “where the mountains meet the inland sea,”; hiking and snowmobile, and other outdoor adventure activities are key motivators for visitors; it’s an all-season destination; and their special relationship – close proximity to neighbouring We’koqma’q First Nation.

    “It’s apparent today, when I pulled into that parking lot, it’s an exceptional destination,” Boutilier said. “People come here to use your trails and your beautiful waterway, which is something you can own as a destination.”

    Facing challenges of high speeds at which vehicles travel through the destination; accessibility and safety issues associated with being a drive-thru village; access to water; and an older community demographic, she said it’s very important to the community, that your brand, what you’re selling to the world is uniquely yours.

    With a custom Pantone colour palate of green, brown, orange and blue – Whycocomagh’s brand will represent the earth, the mountains, the sun and the sea.

    “Whycocomagh: the great outdoors, this is what it means to be here,” Boutilier said. “You are surrounded by exceptional beauty, you’re surrounded by so much opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. “