PORT HAWKESBURY: Senior staff in the Town of Port Hawkesbury are presently investigating a local by-law to control delivery truck traffic in town.

During their regular council meeting on September 1, town councillors indicated they have received numerous complaints about an increase in full-sized transport trucks making deliveries in residential areas of the town.

Deputy Mayor Blaine MacQuarrie read some of the complaints from the town’s residents to council, for the record.

“An Armour truck-tractor trailer was delivering a parcel to my neighbour and pulled down the Eastlink wires across my truck. The driver said they never pay for damage and we would have to go to Eastlink and fight it out,” one complaint reads. “A Day & Ross tractor trailer was delivering to a neighbour and took a half dozen branches off the tree on the front lawn.”

According to representatives with Day & Ross, their deliveries within the Town of Port Hawkesbury have increased approximately 35 per cent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the push toward on-line shopping.

Council members agreed with their residents that full-sized transport trucks making deliveries in a residential area was a problem, however, they don’t have issues with regular-size delivery trucks.

Council voted to have staff research what a delivery by-law might look like, and how it had been implemented throughout other communities. They moved the matter to their next Committee-of-the-Whole meeting for further discussion.