Three new flag poles were installed at Chisholm Park after council noted the importance for additional flag poles other than those outside Town Hall.

ANTIGONISH: In the past week, the Town of Antigonish has celebrated the completion of two small projects that will have a big impact on enhancing the town overall.

To memorialize the addition of the three new flag poles at Chisholm Park on September 2, town officials raised a Canadian, Nova Scotian and Town of Antigonish flag in a small get-together.

Laurie Boucher, the town’s mayor, called the flag-raising an exciting moment for council and the new additions to the community were a fantastic addition to Chisholm Park.

“The three new flags in Chisholm Park gives us the ability to fly the flags for special interest groups via the same time, [while] keeping the Canadian flag at the Town Hall,” she said.

The initiative, Boucher explained was introduced by councillor Diane Roberts and council identified the need for and importance of the additional flag poles.

Any community group making a request to fly a flag it will be done so in Chisholm Park. Staff will remove the Town of Antigonish flag and fly the approved flag for the duration of the request.

As always the request would need to be approved by council; moving forward, the flag pole in front of Town Hall will fly the Canadian flag only.

This crosswalk marking St. Ninian Street and Kirk Street was one of five that were recently retrofitted with a brand new crosswalk beacon in efforts of keeping high-traffic pedestraian areas safe around the Town of Antigonish.

The following day, on September 3, the town had five new crosswalk beacons installed; the new locations include St. Ninan Street by the Canadian Association for Community Living, two on James Street, the bottom of Hawthorne Street and the bottom of Brookland Street.

These additions come as major safety improvements to high-trafficked sections of town for pedestrians.

In September 2019, the Town of Antigonish installed a crosswalk beacon at the intersection of Hawthorne and Brookland Street, which serves as the main throughway into Antigonish’s downtown core.

“The Town of Antigonish continues to work on improvements to cross-walk safety in our community,” by-law enforcement officer Shaun Smith said. “These new beacons serve as a great reminder for both drivers and pedestrians to be cautious and be aware of their surroundings.”

The beacons are user-activated by pushing a yellow button to activate the lights, which are visible in any type of weather during the day or night. The lights are designed to quickly attract the attention of drivers who are approaching the intersection to slow down and stop for pedestrians looking to cross the street.