To the people of Richmond County

In February of 2020, the municipality approached my legal counsel with an offer of settlement as it pertains to general damages, and after a brief negotiation, an acceptable arrangement was reached. This meant, general damages coupled with the previous severance of four months for a total of $80,000-plus.

I did take this wrongful dismissal serious and I fully understood my legal responsibilities to conduct a job search as it pertains to the duty to mitigate. Fortunately, I did find employment with Cape Breton University within three months of dismissal.

Although I am pleased this matter is behind me, I cannot help but think about the negative impact which was inflected upon the community during this unfortunate event. Richmond County residents are wonderful people with strong morals and work ethics. They are close-knit communities and people care about and respect each other. They want and deserve the same respect from their elected officials.

To the people of Richmond who advocated for fair and honest treatment during my unfortunate and unexpected incident, thank you for your support and kindness. Your strong community response to this event will not be forgotten and I appreciate all of the e-mails, texts, cards, letters, and kind words from the community.

To then Warden, Jason MacLean and councillor James Goyetche, thank you for your steadfast resolve for fairness and a willingness to stand-up for what is right when the situation arose. People will never forget the leaders who do the right things for the right reasons. The people of Richmond were proud of you during my departure saga and I am grateful for your kind words and support during a difficult time. The municipality needs trusted and dependable representatives who are willing to stand for fairness and integrity.

I am pleased, but not surprised, during the annual audit, there were no discrepancies identified with the sundry account. This was previously mentioned by some councillors as an issue to be investigated – obviously there was no substance to any insinuations.

Finally, I have long believed that people’s lives get better not by chance, but by positive change. And, I have said many times and still believe, that with forward-looking and diverse municipal council leadership, Richmond County’s best days are ahead of it.

Kent MacIntyre