Top quotes of 2019

“For too long, we were denied access to our own reserve land on the south side of the highway.” Paqtnkek First Nation Chief PJ Prosper on January 16 regarding the new highway interchange

“I was quite shocked when I was asked to be the guest speaker for this career networking social event. I had to stop and ask myself, ‘Do I even have a career? Wasn’t I in school literally just yesterday?” Hannah Chisholm, founder of Eggcitables on January 23

“It’s nice to be able to stroll through a town on a sidewalk. It feels like a town.” Shauna Austin, the owner of the Clairestone Inn in Arichat on January 23

“… What I would like to emphasize is that just because you’re a woman, these things are not closed off to you, you just have to apply and you have to be prepared to take on a new challenge.” Eva Landry on January 30 during the launch of her self-penned autobiography

“There’s a large segment of the population that are so frustrated, so disappointed in the way life has turned out that they will listen to the most extraordinary promises that people will televise.” Linden MacIntyre on January 30 during a presentation at StFX

“The mystery of life continues unfathomable as we grapple with the death of this wonderful father, friend, and servant who had given over half his life to the service of his community.” Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines on January 30 reacting to the death of Blair George

“If we can’t create jobs, then we’re not going to be able to get anyone here to live.” Former Richmond Chief Administrative Officer Kent MacIntyre on February 6

“I must have looked extremely puzzled, because I had just arrived to Canada.” Antigonish Shoe Project member Romero Brown on February 13 describing her immigrant experience

“That’s quite a blow to us.” Mulgrave Mayor Ralph Hadley reacting to the loss of $100,000 from their tax base following the successful tax appeal of a business in the town

“… We all rolled up our sleeves, we all had a willingness to have an open mind, there were a lot of conversations and a lot of compromise.” Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton on February 13 about the final approval of the Destination Reeves Street Project

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this in Nova Scotia.” RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Jennifer Clarke on February 20 after an Antigonish County man was charged for inspecting a car involved in a fatal collision

“When someone would come around, he’d stop the Gaelic, but if you saw him alone, he’d count in Gaelic, he spoke to the animals in Gaelic,” Charlie MacIntyre on February 27 talking about his father’s use of the language

“We’re all paying taxes, we’re all purchasing things, and buying things to improve our life in our homes and that should be recognized more, I think, and used more.” Mary Lou Bedford, with the Seniors Take Action Coalition on March 6 talking about Richmond Count’s strategic plan

“There was a lot of talk about division; island versus mainland, east versus west, people not working together, and so on.” Petit de Grat resident Robbie Fougere on March 6 talking about public feedback received in Richmond County

“We make our public jump over hoops for money and here we are spending money to get someone to come down, is this to help us sell land, or teach us how to do it, or how to market industrial parks?” Richmond Warden Brian Marchand disagreeing on March 6 with hiring a consultant

“I’ve seen this with my own practice, as an Indigenous lawyer when I first started practicing law, we weren’t very popular with most of the law firms and legal aids, because they didn’t want to hire Indigenous lawyers.” Jennifer Cox, lead commission counsel for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls on March 13 describing her experiences

“You’ll be able to watch us from the comfort of your own home, but the press will still be here.” Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie on March 13 about televising council meetings in Inverness County

“Even in Vancouver and Toronto, they don’t have anything along those lines.” Rolf Bouman, founder/president of Canadian Pioneer Estates Ltd. on March 13 talking about the Friends United Centre in Richmond County

“I’m still alive, but I shouldn’t be.” Richard West, who has vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, on March 20 talking about his fight for legal rights

“When we arrived with our gear, we basically arrived to the shore, and some guys were looking at each other and I said ‘grab some gear and start walking.’” Quentin Doucette, deputy chief of the Potlotek Volunteer Fire Department on March 20 recalling their trip across the ice to extinguish a large fire on Chapel Island

“You get to tell your story, and press play and never have to tell it again.” Fabian Henry, founder of Marijuana for Trauma, Veterans for Healing, and Cape Breton CannaPharms on March 20 about a songwriting camp he hosted

“This was perhaps the most difficult decision I have ever made, yet I believe it is the correct one to help propel St. Francis Xavier University into the next phase of growth.” Former StFX president Kent MacDonald on March 27 announcing his intention to step down

“I was at home with family, when I got the call. I actually told the guy on the phone to ‘Shut up,’ because I thought it was my brother playing a joke on me.” MasterChef Canada contestant Jenny Miller on March 27 recalling the call she received to be on the TV show

“Is this an April fool’s joke?” Former Richmond Warden Jason MacLean on April 3 after councillors voted to terminate the contract of the Chief Administrative Officer

“I move that the CAO be escorted to his office to pick up his personal items and if he has anything else in there, to make an appointment in the next day or two.” Richmond Municipal Councillor Gilbert Boucher on April 3 after Richmond’s CAO was fired

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but I’ve found more joy than loss in all of it.” Former Port Hawkesbury resident, Nancy Kawaja, a teacher at St. Thomas More School in Ontario on April 3 who was dealing with the after-effects of neurosurgery

“So what I’m hearing is that the warden of council was not made aware of that discussion, nor was part of that discussion and is finding out that information – after he was been approached – for the first time, tonight.” Richmond district 5 councillor Jason MacLean on April 10 announcing he was stepping down as warden

“I’m going to continue to find ways to make it painful for the government to ignore helping her.” Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster on April 17 talking about the departure of a local surgeon

“The opportunity to be part of the show is something you can’t really pass up as you’ll never get asked again.” Lucas Meyers, formerly of Antigonish, on May 1 talking about his role on an episode of The Simpson’s

“Folks, it’s been a great run.” Former Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner announcing his decision not to run in the federal election

“It’s been a whirlwind but everything makes me smile when I walk through the building.” Ownership partner in the Bras d’Or Lakes Inn, Danielle Sampson on May 15 describing the St. Peter’s business

“Gloves are off. You’re going to wish you never heard of me. Buckle up!” Guysborough CAO Barry Carroll on May 22 in a Facebook post responding to news of a change to the Lost Shores Gran Fondo

“Just spell out the word hope, H-O-P-E, Hold On Pain Ends.” Cassandra Desmond, sister of the Canadian soldier who killed his family and himself and for whom a fatality inquiring is held on May 29

“It makes me feel good, you know, they pay attention to me. I’m an old lady but they do, and I think it’s just lovely the way they treat me.” Richmond Villa resident Anna Doupe on May 29 talking about a project with local students

“This building is the HEARTS of Isle Madame, but I think from the minute somebody in the community heard us whisper about it, Isle Madame became the HEARTS of Isle Madame.” Barb MacNeil on June 12 during the official opening of the Arichat-based facility

“I’ve seen hundreds of projects come across my desk as MP, and I don’t know if I’ve seen one that would have as great of a positive impact as this one…” Former Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner about the proposed new airport for the Inverness area on June 19

“Sometimes you can put a little honey on your finger and go up a bee and she’ll crawl up on your finger and start eating the honey.” Blair Sampson on June 19, owner of Plan Bee Apiaries in Richmond County

“There’s been a pattern of behaviour that’s shown very poor judgement.” Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston on June 26 announcing the removal of Cape Breton-Richmond MLA Alana Paon from his caucus

“I have cramps from smiling.” Nova Scotia Summer Fest organizer Ray Mattie on June 26 after a pre-concert event

“We’ve been left in the dark by the federal government, by Ben Cowan-Dewar with Cabot.” Inverness Councillor John Dowling’s comments on July 3

“Some people might not know, but we were operating from year-to-year, and we were pretty much hitting the wall. Without this funding, I’m not sure we’d be standing here next year.” Executive Director of Leeside Transition House and Strait Area Women’s Place Marina Martens on July 3 regarding annual funding increasing from $70,000 to $205,716

“Innocent patients are being brought into this unjust situation, losing their medication at the hands of the people who are supposed to ‘serve and protect.’” Former dispensary owner Gillian Sampson on July 10 on constantly being targeted and harassed by the RCMP

“I knew just from having conversations with people here that the support was here, but the support wasn’t visible.” Jessica Madden, co-founder of Richmond Rainbow Alliance on July 17

“Skateboarding changed my life for the good, and I’m always going to be grateful for skateboarding and what it’s done for me.” President of Antigonish Skatepark Association Jason Mason on July 24

“Minister Jordan deserves praise for recognizing that this luxury golf course airport is clearly not a good use of precious tax dollars.” Canadian Taxpayers Federation Atlantic director Paige MacPherson’s comments on July 31

“I promised myself if I ever had the chance to bring the Cup back, I’d do it.” 2019 Stanley Cup Champion Al MacInnis on August 7

“The whole idea is that when you walk through the front door, it’ll look and feel like the 1930s.” Eric Fowler on August 7 regarding the restoration of the Hotel Lorraine on Granville Street

“The Russian’s call it ‘The Devil’s Breath,’ [and] it’s the same fuel that Maritime Launch Services proposes to use in the second stages of rockets launched from Canso.” UBC Professor Michael Byers on August 14 on proposed rocket fuel being used

“I’ve been thinking about golf in Inverness for 15 years, and we’ve been talking about an airport for 11 of those years, and I haven’t been good at giving up yet, but there is no date to resubmit.” Ben Cowan-Dewar, CEO Cabot Golf on August 21

“Going through the community the smell, people can’t sit out, going into their homes they can’t keep their windows open and people are getting sick because of it…” Inverness Development Association president Rose Mary MacDonald comments regarding the state of the community’s treatment plant on August 21

“When they told me it was Central Nova, I got weak in the knees – this is my home, it’s unbelievable to me that I get to do this in this riding.” Country music star George Canyon’s comments on being named replacement Conservative nominee on August 28

“It went bigger and we kind of reached our first Canadian dream by accomplishing and opening a new factory and starting distributing nationally.” Tareq Hadhad, CEO and founder Peace by Chocolate on August 28 reflecting on growth as company celebrates third anniversary

“But the end result will be a dramatic one. It will change the landscape, that’s for sure.” Steve Kyle, plant manager Point Tupper Generating Station on removal of 50-year-old power stack on September 4

“It’s better for our customers and its better for our future.” Jim MacDonald of MacDonald Auto Group on September 4 on the decision to close Causeway Kia

“He fought cancer for 17 years, four different times, I thought he deserved having this done for him.” Eleven-year-old Victoria Cook on September 4 regarding a memorial for her late grandfather

“I felt that it was a very intense blast.” Mulgrave CAO Darlene Berthier Sampson on September 11 regarding a Martin Marietta blast

“We’ve mobilized the largest storm response in our company’s history, and the crews are making steady progress despite the many challenges.” NSP spokesperson said on September 18

“We’re tired of this government side-stepping questions about this process.” Sarah O’Toole on September 18 calling on the government to release more information on Highway 104 twinning project

“In this case, 50 other MLA’s are able to do that, and for reasons I suppose only known to Ms. Paon, she’s not following the rules.” Speaker Kevin Murphy on September 25 regarding MLA Alana Paon’s non-compliance with an accessibility request

“My years at StFX were defining ones; I got my start here.” Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s comments during opening of Brian Mulroney Institute of Government and Mulroney Hall on September 25

“People here, they supported us from the start.” Nani Venus on September 25 regarding the official opening of Nani’s Esthetics & Laser Centre

“The water of this earth, the land, its air and soil is currently threatened and that means our future, our lives are threatened too.” Nat Krieger said at StFX’s global climate march on October 2

“This file has been abominably mismanaged.” Independent MLA Alana Paon on October 9 after regaining access to constituency office

“I’m the first that I know of anyway, I don’t know how to describe it.” Thomas Sylliboy’s comments on October 16 on his ordination making him the first Mi’kmaq to be ordained to any office of the Catholic Church in over 409 years

“I don’t think this was a vote against the Conservatives at all.” Liberal MP Sean Fraser’s comments on October 23 on his victory in Central Nova during the federal election

“Every time a poll came in, I’d take a walk around the neighbourhood, so I did about 10,000 steps in two hours.” Liberal Mike Kelloway on October 23 after being elected the new MP for Cape Breton-Canso

“It’s heartbreaking really, to have to go another day without knowing.” Mona Bernard, the mother of Cassidy Bernard on October 30

“Your alleged harassment and direct discrimination against women in your region is potentially detrimental to our organization.” National Chief of AFN executive Perry Bellegarde on October 30 regarding removal of Morley Googoo as regional chief of Nova Scotia-Newfoundland

“This child knew what a round table ceremony was from our peers, before he knew what birthday parties were from his.” Cpl. Kate MacEachern on November 6 regarding the sacrifices her son Cadet Sgt. Tyler MacEachern has had to make

“When we look at the basis of consent, what happens to our lands, happens to our bodies.” TJ Lightfoot’s comments at roundtable discussion ‘Indigenizing Consent’ on November 6

“We understand this request is frustrating, inconvenient and could be seen as last minute, participation means participation, it doesn’t mean mere presence.” Thomas Macdonald’s comments on November 20 regarding being hired late as Borden family lawyer in Desmond Fatality Inquiry

“It keeps his memory alive and it’s something that he would’ve always wanted to do because Jason was the type of person that loved to give to everybody.” Carol Marryatt reminiscing about her son while donating $9,000 worth of toys to IWK on November 20

“We have a right to hold public officials accountable, but at the same time, we should not demand that they share every aspect of their personal lives.” Cape Breton-Richmond MLA Alana Paon on November 27 providing reasons as to why she was absent for half of the fall legislature

“The answer shouldn’t be move; the answer should be let’s get the lines connected.” Sara Rankin’s comments on poor internet services in Inverness County on November 27

“When the judge finished reading his verdict, the complainant collapsed in the court room.” Crown prosecutor Alicia Kennedy on December 4 following not-guilty verdicts of two StFX students accused of sexual assault

“He was someone who cared about people, and I don’t know if you can say something that’s a greater tribute.” Former Premier Rodney MacDonald on December 4 after it was discovered that 41-year-old John Green had died

“We’ll try to keep the daycare going.” Monica Boyd, director of Whycocomagh Child Development Centre on December 4 due to lack of qualified ECE

“But what Elijah did for them was nothing short of amazing. It was the last act of love and courage that was given to them.” Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster comments on December 11 regarding Elijah Watts’ courageous actions following a tragic fishing accident

“We’ve concluded that the letter has no merit, and we have no detailed comments at this time.” Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie on council’s thoughts of a letter they received regarding the CAO’s work on December 18

“I am taking some time away from my official duties to be with my family.” Central Nova MP Sean Fraser on December 18 following the tragic death of his newborn daughter

“Make it comfortable for us – why make it comfortable for him? We’ve already gone through hell for the last 13-months.” Annie Bernard-Daisley on the court’s decision to move venues to Wagmatcook for Isadore’s trial

“Every year, we started building a little bit on either side, more and more, and it turned out, after a couple of years, into a friendly competition.” Josette Marchand on December 25 on how the “Light Up Lundrigan Lane,” idea started about a decade ago