Town lays-out short and long-term plans for Civic Centre gym

PORT HAWKESBURY: The mayor of Port Hawkesbury says town officials will continue to operate the gym inside the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre after the local branch of the YMCA gets shut down later this month.

Brenda Chisholm-Beaton explained the town is the owner of the majority of the equipment there, so they’ll continue to run the gym after the YMCA’s termination date on February 22.

At the regular monthly council meeting on February 4, the town’s chief administrative officer, Terry Doyle highlighted Port Hawkesbury’s plan to consult with their residents and gather information before they present a full, short-term plan for council’s approval on February 18.

Following the meeting Chisholm-Beaton said the facility is important to the community.

“We want to minimize any disruptions to the health regimen of our citizens and their health and wellness.”

She said initially, their short-term goal is to operate the fitness centre at a break-even level, but hopes that over the long-term, it will become profitable.

“It’s all about sustainability and aiming for a break-even scenario.”

Chisholm-Beaton added the fitness centre is too important not to continue operating, but council doesn’t want to put any undue burden on their taxpayers.

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