Town continues to meet with fire department

MULGRAVE: Officials with the Town of Mulgrave plan on meeting with the executive committee of the town’s fire department.

Mayor Ralph Hadley said they’ll discuss the recent animosity between the town’s chief administrative officer Darlene Berthier Sampson, and Mike Breen, the town’s fire chief.

Defending Breen from comments Berthier Sampson made in a January 15 op-ed and on social media, Lorne MacDonald, the fire department’s secretary-treasurer and Mulgrave’s former mayor, said the claims were untrue during February’s regular council meeting February 3.

Following the meeting, Hadley said councillors and executive members of the fire department scheduled a meeting for February 6, to discuss the ongoing issues.

“[We’ll] try to sit down and come to a consensus on this [and] try to work together on this matter,” he said. “It went on too long, and I’m getting very tired of it.”

Hadley advised Berthier Sampson’s comments weren’t directed by the councillors, however, councillors do stand by the CAO.

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