Rather than the usual Festival of Trees, this year the Town of Mulgrave asked residents, groups and businesses to make their entries entirely of non-perishable food items for the Food Pantry.

MULGRAVE: Because of rising cases of COVID-19, the town was forced, like many others this year, to change a holiday tradition.

Mulgrave recreation director Heather Brennan said rather than the usual Mulgrave Festival of Trees where individuals, groups, or businesses would decorate Christmas trees, and residents would come to the town offices to vote for their favourite entry, plans had to change due to the second wave of virus spread.

“It’s been tough year so we decided to do a tree or any Christmas scene made out of, or with, non-perishable food items or necessities that you need every day,” Brennan told The Reporter.

The donations will go to the Mulgrave Medical Centre’s “Food Pantry,” which is a large container where people can drop-off and take food items.

To take advantage of a heated building, the food pantry is now at the Strait of Canso Superport Corporation building on Main Street this season.

“It’s been widely used in the past couple of months they started it,” Brennan noted. “It’s just open there, and anybody that needs anything, they can come in and take what they need. There’s a lot of people who drop food off and people that need it, will come and take it.”

Photos by Jake Boudrot
Mulgrave recreation director Heather Brennan said she’s been surprised at the number of entries and the amount of non-perishable food items donated.

Organized by the recreation department, Brennan said businesses, volunteer organizations and two groups of friends have put submitted their entries, which were on display throughout the month of December at the town’s offices.

“We put it on-line this year, on our Facebook page for people who don’t feel comfortable coming in, and we don’t want a huge amount of people coming through, but we want people to come in and vote and see the entries,” she said on November 30.

Underneath the Town of Mulgrave’s Christmas tree is a basket for people to drop off food items, Brennan noted.

“I was very pleasantly surprised with the amount of people that took part,” she added.

Pictured is the Town of Mulgrave’s Christmas tree under which people can donated non-perishable food items to the Food Pantry.