During the smudging ceremony, Doris Googoo from We’koqma’q First Nation, acknowledged the four main directions of the compass. It was part of the Tie a Red Ribbon ceremony in honour of Red Dress Day.
Photos by Mary Hankey
In advance of Red Dress Day on May 5, people were invited to tie a ribbon on the tree of Remembrance during a special ceremony at the Civic Centre in Port Hawkesbury.
All those who attended tied red ribbons after the ceremony to honour the spirits of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. May 5 marks Red Dress Day all across the country.
Councillor Anita Basque, from Potlotek First Nation, holds up the red ribbons at the beginning of the smudging ceremony.
All those who attended the Tie a Red Ribbon Ceremony at the Civic Centre in Port Hawkesbury, were cleansed during the smudging ceremony.