Voyent Alert system will add to municipality’s toolbox: warden

GUYSBOROUGH: Two community information officers in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) have been visiting residents throughout the municipality to chat about their new Voyent Alert system.

This new system will provide relevant information to residents on emergency and non-emergency events within MODG for situations like changes to the waste collection schedule due to storms, water and wastewater issues, or evacuation notices on critical alerts such as a forest fire.

Following MODG’s regular monthly council meeting on June 16, Warden Vernon Pitts advised the Voyent Alert system will be another instrument in the municipality’s toolbox.

“My understanding is that we can use it for a number of things,” Pitts said. “Anything we have to let our residents know en masse; what is happening, or what is not happening, it’s a good tool to have.”

According to a release from the municipality, Voyent Alert provides informative communications and critical information such as the distance and direction from an incident, and an individual’s preferred evacuation route from their tracked locations.

It will allow users to create and track multiple locations such as their work, their kid’s school, or even their parent’s house.

Smart alerting capabilities ensure that users will only get notified when a communication is relevant to them or one of the locations they are tracking. Residents can register for one or more communication channels including mobile apps, text/SMS alerting, email, or voice call.

“It’s a sign of the times, we have to change with the times, or we’ll go the way of the dinosaur,” Pitts said of the new technology. “We’re trying to stay at the cutting edge going forward, and we figured, our director of EMO services figured, it was a good fit in our toolbox and we’ve come to find out it is.”

Residents can download the Voyent Alert app through the Apple App or Google Play stores, can register online at: https://register.voyent-alert.com, or to register a landline or to get more information can contact the municipality at (902) 533-3705.