Eastbound releasing debut CD, new single getting airplay

Jay and Krista Luddington of Mulgrave make up the duo Eastbound which will be releasing their debut self-title CD on August 2 at the Dundee Resort and Golf Club. Their current single “Eastbound” is getting heavy rotation on stations around Nova Scotia, including 101.5 The Hawk.

MULGRAVE: Strait area duo Eastbound will be releasing their self-titled debut CD on August 2 at the Dundee Resort and Golf Club while their self-titled single receives heavy rotation on radio stations around Nova Scotia.

Husband and wife Jay and Krista Luddington of Mulgrave are Eastbound and said they are excited for the show.

“We’re super excited, and excited to bring a show back to a place that I’m originally from,” Krista said. “For the past eight years that Jay and I have been performing together, this area has given us pretty much every opportunity under the sun.”

Specifically speaking about the resort, Krista said there were many good reasons to bring the CD launch to Dundee, most significantly the recent improvements to the facility.

“In the past two years, the amount of significant investment that we’ve seen go into the resort under the new ownership, it’s really been astounding,” Krista stated. “It seems like it’s just the beginning.”

Speaking to The Reporter upon receiving a shipment of their new album Eastbound, Krista explained that it was recorded in Belleville, Ontario at the end of May.

In addition to the regular play the new single “Eastbound” has received on 101.5 FM The Hawk, Eastbound was also invited to co-host a recent edition of “East Coast Rising.”

“The Hawk is amazing anyway with local talent, so we were really, really pleased that they like it, and they were adding it to the rotation,” Krista said. “The Hawk has been a major, major support for so many local musicians and that’s so important in a small community.”

Krista and Jay Luddington stated performing together eight years ago before they became husband and wife.

“Music is what brought us together,” Krista said. “It was at a performance that Jay played with another band and I was working at the establishment he was playing at. When the band went on break, my boss put me on stage just to fill in the time and Jay stayed on the stage and we did some harmonies on a couple of songs, and it was just one of those moments when things just clicked and it just worked and the rest is history.”

After that initial performance, Jay and Krista have kept performing together around the Strait area and have remained busy ever since. This year alone, Eastbound has played at the Dundee Resort, the Clove Hitch Bistro in Port Hood, Cabot Golf in Inverness, as well as weddings and family reunions. Eastbound also offers sound services for concerts and other events.

Jay describes Eastbound’s sound as genuinely East Coast, with some influences.

“It’s a very East Coast style,” Jay explains. “There’s a little bit of both Celtic traditional and rock, there’s some contemporary country, there’s a little bit of a mix of different genres that we just classify as just good old fashioned East Coast music.”

In addition to the new CD, Eastbound recently launched a new Web site which can be found at: www.eastboundmusic.ca.

Tickets for the CD launch can be obtained by contacting the Luddingtons or visiting Eastbound’s Web site.