ANTIGONISH: The development agreement for a new affordable housing project has been approved by municipal councillors in Antigonish County.

After a public hearing that preceeded their regular monthly council meeting on November 9, councillors unanimously passed the motion.

The development agreement between the county and the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society (AAHS) is in relation to a property on Appleseed Drive. The sale of the plot of land for $1 was also officially approved by councillors.

Following the meeting, Warden Owen McCarron said council needed to finalize items in a particular way to avoid construction delays.

“I think it continues to build on the affordable housing society’s good work in our community. When you look at the previous build – you hear nothing but good stories,” McCarron said. “We’re really looking forward to the construction. They’re a tremendous group of volunteers doing a lot of good work for our community.”

The warden suggested the project was an easy one to put their support behind.

The society is planning a four-building, 12-unit development opposite Antigonish Education Centre and St. Andrew Junior School; one, two and three-room condos will be accessible, with four boundary free units for occupants with mobility issues.

Currently in Antigonish, there are 14 affordable housing units.

McCarron advised the land, estimated at about $65,000, was donated by the municipality for the project, which is projected to cost $3 million.

Previously, both Antigonish Town and County each provided $100,000 over five years, and $100,000 was donated to the society by the Sisters of St. Martha.