INVERNESS: Cabot Links has made a generous and timely donation to the Inverness Development Association (IDA).

An agreement between the two organizations provides for a payment of $1 per round played on Cabot Links to the IDA over the year. However, the 2020 amount of $31,000 received by the IDA represents a donation of over five times the amount required in the agreement. This donation is done in a year that Cabot has suffered a drastic impact from travel restrictions in the 2020 golfing season.

As IDA President Rose Mary MacDonald noted in a thank-you to Ben Cowan-Dewar – co-founder and CEO of Cabot Links, “Your generosity and your contributions under our agreement for this year demonstrates your commitment to our goals and the community of Inverness.”

For the IDA, the money will help support current and future initiatives to improve the economic and social development of Inverness. The IDA runs the Inverness visitor’s centre and maintains facilities at Inverness Beach, including support for lifeguards and providing world-class accessibility equipment free-to-use to beachgoers.

Another newly launched initiative that the donation will support is to repair the damages from the Dorian hurricane in 2019 to Inverness Beach. The project, costing $130,000, involves rebuilding the armour stone wall at the main beach, replacing the stairway at the northern end of the boardwalk, and building up armour stone protection around the accessibility site.

For over 50 years, the Inverness Development Association has been promoting the economic and social development in the community of Inverness.

Stunningly situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the charming village of Inverness, Cabot Links is designed to entice at every turn. It’s also #43 on Golf Digest’s World’s 100 Greatest Courses.