ANTIGONISH: Antigonish County expects to make a decision on the Main Street court house soon.

Antigonish Municipal Council members heard a presentation from the Antigonish Barristers Association regarding the court house during its regular monthly meeting on June 18. During the presentation, it was noted the court house is the only place in Antigonish capable of holding a jury trial. Were it to cease operating as a court house, people would have to travel to Port Hawkesbury or Pictou for such a trial. The site was also designated a national historic site of Canada in 1981.

In April, council voted to issue a request for proposals for the sale of the courthouse. The county sold the former Antigonish Correctional Facility, which is attached to the courthouse, some time ago.

“Initially, when we put the request out, we wanted [the court house] to look like it currently does and we wanted to wait for submissions to come in,” said Antigonish County Warden Owen McCarron. “Hearing submissions like tonight is an important piece to forming our final decision.”

On June 18, McCarron said they will take the presentation into consideration before making a final decision, which he said was coming within a week.

McCarron said the municipality has to look at what’s best for the community over the long-term.