This was the main wharf along Arichat’s Main Street.

In 1935 on Arichat’s lower road, there was an open field between the home of Arthur LeBrun Sr. and that of Alcide Goyetche.

The field and the house on it belonged to Captain Alcide Goyetche (1878-1950), who bought the property and the house that went with it from the Smiths around 1915 when he and his family moved from Cap Auguet. Cpt. Alcide married Alexina Samson (1882-1950) in 1905 and they had 11 children: Dave, 1906-1994; Charles, born in 1907; Evangeline, 1908-1998; Germaine, 1913-1986; Amedee, 1914-1992; Peter, died in 1966; Anita, born in 1917; Theresa, born in 1920; Joe, born in 1921; Raymond (died in Italy in 1941 during World War II); and Margaret, born in 1926.

The house passed into the hands of Alcide’s son Amedee and his family of wife Blanche and children Dave and Raymond. In the late 50s or early 60s, they moved away and the property was procured by John LeBrun and rented out to Tim Landry and Pat McGrath and their offspring Karen, Michael, Fay, and Elaine.

For some time the property served as apartments. Eventually it was left vacant and fell into disrepair. Norman Samson, a retired teacher, and his wife Lillian (Acton) bought the lot, razed the old house and replaced it with a mini-home.

Continuing east was the home of Wallace Maloney and Bertha MacEachern of Havre Boucher. Wallace was born in 1878 and Bertha in 1891. It is believed the Maloneys were from the Pondville-D’Escousse road area. Wallace and Bertha had six children: William, 1910-1979; Mark, 1912-1994; Mildred (she lived only one day); Gerald, born in 1921; Harold, 1913-1986; and Edith, born in 1918. Wallace passed in 1968 and Bertha in 1961. Dr. B.A. LeBlanc bought this home, demolished it, and relocated the family in the Grimes house.

Dr. B.A. LeBlanc (1879-1946) lived behind the Maloneys in a large two-story house that accommodated a waiting room and office on the east side of the first floor. Dr. B.A., who was a captain in the Canadian Army in World War I, was married to a girl from Inverness by the name of Euphermia Beaton (1883-1971).

Lorenzo Boudreau, who ran the service station across the street, bought the house from Dr. B.A. around 1950 and rented the office area to the RCMP. He, in turn, sold it to Tim Landry, and it now is the home of Clinton Landry and Lucy McGrath.

Barely a driveway separated Dr. B.A.’s home and Captain Ned LeBlanc’s next door. Cpt. Ned and his wife Florrie (married in 1903) raised four children there: Claire, 1916 (married Harold LeBrun); John, died in 1953 only 40 years old; Bart, 1905-1966; and Evangeline, born in 1906. Cpt. Ned died in 1950 age 75 and Florrie in 1937, age 55.

The son, John, succeeded his father in the home; he was married to Stella (Cordeau) and they had three children, Edward (who died in an accident as a young man), along with twins Gary and Gail.

The Jim Barnes and his wife were the next owners. the children are Alvin, Rex, Susan, Betty, Mazie, Jimmy, and Morris.

Next was the home of Danny Grimes (1871-1934) who married Marie Begin (1866-1960) in 1896. They had three children: Edgar; Louise (born in 1901 but moved to Alberta); and Charles, born in 1903 whose son Carl lives in River Bourgeois. As previously mentioned, Dr. B.A. LeBlanc bought this house and relocated the Maloneys there.