Arichat’s historic main street

Pictured is Godfrey’s Lane in Arichat. At the bottom of the hill, the Rona hardware store currently stands.

In the years following 1935, the road from the Arichat-Petit de Grat intersection has evolved into the main residential section of the old village. The highway running through it has become the primary thoroughfare through Arichat leading to or from West Arichat, Petit de Grat, and the north side of the Isle Madame.

But in ’35 the stretch from the upper end of Godfrey’s Hill, west to the courthouse, was sparsely populated. In fact, there were only two homes, both on the upper or north side of the road. The first was that of Harry Broussell, who married Madeline Bonin in 1937, and they brought three children into the world: Arthur, 1937; Wilfred, 1938; and Violet, 1946. Harry and Madeline both died in 1949, he of tuberculosis at the age of 56 and she only 36 years old. This home is no longer in existence.

The only other house, located mid-stretch, was that of Bertie Burton, who was married to Frances Samson. He fathered two sons and three daughters: Carl (1914-1991), Everett, Eva, Hazel, and Frances. Carl succeeded his father in the homestead eventually building next door. The original home faded into oblivion in the 1960s.

Carl was first married to Muriel Hake in 1946. Upon his wife’s death, he remarried in 1952 to Edith Fougere. The children of this union are Brian, Billy, Preston, Garfield, Russell, Shirley, Darlene, and Jean.

And so, in 1935, these were the only homes, on both sides of the road, from Broussells’ to the courthouse. As already indicated, the south side of the high road was totally devoid of habitation in 1935.

We have now arrived at Delaney Lane whose name was derived from an army officer who came to Arichat during World War I to recruit young men for the war effort. The lane connects the upper to the lower road, from the courthouse to the former municipal building.

On the corner across from the courthouse was the Leslie home. Tom Leslie was married in 1877 to Mary Sabine Lavache who bore him eight children: Hilda, 1901-1993; Alfreda, 1884-1933; Agnes, 1887; Willard, 1882; Art, 1894; Robert, 1880; Sara, 1878; Alfred, 1899; and Janey.

The Leslies were succeeded on the corner by the Latimers, the first being Josslyn, followed by his cousin, Charlie, and then Charlie’s son, Artie. Josslyn (1876-1968) was married in 1921 to Hilda Leslie (1902). Their children were Bulah, 1922-1986; Leslie, 1924; Helena, 1925-1973; Romona, 1931; Joan, 1935; and Earl and Ralph, who both died young.

In the middle of the lane was the property of Arthur Burton (who died in 1927) who was married twice, first to a Ms. Dobson in 1875 and 75 years later to Mary Ellen Carbonelle. In total, Arthur Burton fathered six children, all by his first wife: Harvey, 1895; Seaforth, 1893; Ingraham; Hilford; Gladys; and Alphonse, 1898.

This house was successively the home of Godfrey and Irene (DeCoste) Boudreau (children: Lionel; Ernestine; Nicky; and Rene), the Keepings (children: Joyce and Donald), Jim Burton and Theresa (children: Carolyn and Rachel), and finally Tom Burton, grandson of Harvey.