We are approaching my favourite time of the year in that it is almost blockbuster season.

This year is very exciting as we just got over Black Panther’s record breaking performance at the box office (I saw it again after my initial reservations and it was great) and now it’s time for more. From Ready Player One, to Avengers: Infinity War, to the new Deadpool, it’s going to be a fun spring/summer. Also… those are just the big name flicks. There are bound to be some interesting sleepers out there.

With that level of positivity kicking things off, I figured why not keep it up. I’ve been a bit of a stress ball lately, and I find pushing positivity oddly calming. Is that sappy? Sure. But it’s also the truth so… yeah. It stays.

I was really pleased to see what happened in the States when high schoolers walked out of class. I wasn’t sure that sort of national activism was possible when it came to gun violence. I thought there would be a lot of conservative backlash and I haven’t heard anything major.

Could this be the generation that finally makes a change to America’s seemingly archaic gun laws? That would definitely be something. I wonder if this will finally become a viable issue in an election. I don’t ever remember it being a big part of any candidates’ campaign, presidential or otherwise.

Anyway, if someone is looking to engage the youth vote, would that someone be willing to forsake the votes from gun lovers?

My initial felling was that it would never happen, but you can’t say that about American politics considering Donald Trump is president, so literally anything can happen. I truly believe the next American president could be a terrier. That is how little faith I have in politics ever making sense again, so I guess there is a chance after all.

I wonder what pundits would then say about millennials? Would there be jokes about them killing the industry of killing?

Seriously, this could be the start of an actual movement of people organized together in a common cause. If these kids can make their voices loud enough and refrain from violence themselves, I think they’ve got a chance of making some changes. That would be pretty fantastic.

Also, on an unrelated note, and I am sad I have to write this… please stop using Adolph Hitler quotes in your arguments about the government. It’s not funny, it’s not true, it’s nothing but nonsense and no Canadian government deserves such comparison. That is flat-out unfair.

Why do people do this? Why is so much hatred in your heart for you to go to such an ugly place and time in history? You don’t like your taxes? No one likes their taxes. But they pay for a lot of what makes us Canada, like our health care. I’d like to not have to pay taxes either, but good lord sir, cool your jets. You really should sit out a few innings and think about what you did.

I’m done now.