Photos by Jake Boudrot The schooner Bluenose II visited Arichat harbour from August 18-20.
The Bluenose II enters Arichat harbour on the morning of August 18.
There was a small crowd to greet the Bluenose II on August 18.
The Bluenose II docked at the main wharf in Arichat flanked by the Premium Seafoods operation.
After the rain cleared, the Bluenose II was open for public tours on August 19.
The public was invited to tour all parts of the schooner on August 19.
Members of the crew were available for the public tour on August 19.
Newlyweds Allison and Shannon Landry took their wedding pictures aboard the Bluenose II on August 19.
Crew members waited for the engines to power-up before departing Arichat on August 20.
Before departure, the crew removed buoys and anchors.
The captain and crew steered the Bluenose II from the wharf in Arichat as it departed on August 20.
The Bluenose II had some company as it left Arichat harbour on August 20.