Boil order lifted after 3 months

JUDIQUE: On March 23, the boil order for Inverness County residents on the Judique water system was lifted.

“It was nice getting that call from Keith [CAO Keith MacDonald] on Saturday night,” said Judique and area councillor John Dowling. “We have to give Keith and his staff a big kudos for doing that. Staff did a wonderful job, and it was a big relief.”

Dowling said the boil order, to his knowledge, was the longest of its kind in Inverness County. It lasted for three months and four days, he said. During the boil order, residents were provided the option of picking up water in jugs at the community’s fire hall.

The reason for the boil order was infrastructure repairs.

Soon as the boil order was lifted, the municipality updated its Facebook page with the news. Local media was also called in to get the word out quickly as possible, and Dowling and MacDonald teamed up for a third means of breaking the story.

“What we did on Saturday night was get a list of everybody who was on the water system,” Dowling said. “We split the list in half, and we called people.”

Communication is one of the things that people want most of all, Dowling said. Whenever he’s interacted with folks about the water issue, the need to communicate what’s going on is the main priority.

“We’ve learned a lot from this one that we can use elsewhere, if it happens again.”

A community meeting is currently being planned for Judique, but the date hasn’t yet been set.