Pictured are lotto winners (from the left): Leo Peeples, Marc Touesnard, Spencer Green, and Shelly Marchand.

ARICHAT; After just two weeks of playing the lottery together, fish plant coworkers Marc Touesnard, Shelly Marchand, Leo Peeples, and Spencer Green landed a big one. The foursome – all from Richmond County – claimed the $1 million guaranteed prize from the October 19 LOTTO 6/49 draw.
“It’s pretty amazing,” says Peeples, the group’s ticket buyer.
It’s a case of the win that almost wasn’t for this group. The group heard reports that a winning ticket had been sold in Richmond County. Excited at the possibility that they had the winning combination, the group checked their two tickets together. Nothing matched up with the winning numbers and life went back to normal.
A few days went by with no news of any winner and that got Peeples thinking. “I was home and remembered that we’d had three tickets instead of two because we got a free play,” he recalls.
Peeples retrieved the third ticket, tucked in a compartment in his lunchbox, and checked the numbers. Still no luck. “We knew the winning number ended in 112 but this ticket number ended in 275.”
Peeples mentioned it to Green the next day at work. Green, who had helped check the numbers on the previous tickets, had a hunch and asked for the third ticket. Good thing! Turns out that Peeples had been checking the Atlantic 49 numbers on the ticket rather than the Guaranteed Prize number. BINGO!! They had the winner!
The group headed to store to have the ticket validated and confirmed their win. Good news travels fast. The group was greeted with high fives and hugs when they returned to work. “Everybody at the plant knew before we even got in the building,” recalls Peeples.
With no plans to retire, each winner has some idea of what this win will do for them. Touesnard says he’ll help out family. Newlywed Marchand says a trip is in her future. Green has put a down payment on a piece of land and with a wedding in his near future, the win will come in handy. Peeples loves to travel and says that when March Break comes, the vacation will be on his dime.
The winning ticket was sold by retailer Jeantie’s Mini Mart in Arichat. The retailer will receive a one per cent seller’s prize.