MABOU: A unique theatrical experience takes place tonight as Sin Agad an Doigh premieres at Strathspey Performing Arts Centre.

“It’s been a busy spring and a busy summer, and it’s continuing right through to Christmas time,” said Tracey MacNeil, executive director of Strathspey Performing Arts Centre.

“Sin Agad an Doigh is a concert performance that focuses on skits that draw upon Gaelic humour and the traditional Gaelic culture. Four skits are in the performance, in addition to traditional music and dance.

“The words ‘Sin Agad an Doigh’ translate to… ‘That’s the way to do it’ and that’s the theme of the show. It’s a fairly common phrase with traditional speakers and the children of speakers who grew up hearing the language but not necessarily understanding all of it.

“There’s nothing like a good laugh, regardless of whatever you’re trying to get through in the run of a day.”

MacNeil is wearing two hats as both the producer and musical producer. Serving as theatrical director is Howie MacDonald.

Both MacNeil and MacDonald star in the comedy show, as well as Peter MacInnis, Marilyn MacDonald, Alasdair Cameron, Jessie Helen MacNeil, and Sarah MacInnis.

Marilyn MacDonald, who plays three characters, was very excited to join the cast.

“Tracey mentioned to me that she wanted to do a show that really represented the culture on that side of the island,” MacDonald said. “I think it’s safe to say Inverness County represents the Scottish music, the Gaelic language, and some interesting characters very well.”

One of MacDonald’s three characters is Barbra.

“I laughed the most doing Barbara, who actually sounds like Barbara Walters,” she said. “I had a tough time learning those lines because when Howie wrote the skit, he wrote the lines exactly how she would pronounce them. Very funny!”

Sin Agad an Doigh is the second Strathspey production this season, the first being the hit summer series, Brìgh. The Gaelic youth mentorship program was highly successful in its second season, leaving the audience wanting more.

Indeed, three local youths are involved in Sin Agad an Doigh, and MacNeil said they are very talented.

“They’ve been mentored throughout the process of the rehearsal phase, both musically and theatrically,” she said. “They do very well in everything they try, and they are being educated in their own culture too.”

Adding to the cultural experience will be the upscale audio/visual equipment at Strathspey which, this time out, allows local artists to contribute to the show. Steve Rankin Photography will display beautiful local photos used during the performance, and video will be offered by Cyril MacInnis.

Sin Agad an Doigh will be performed tonight (Wednesday, October 5) and tomorrow (Thursday, October 6) at 7:30 p.m. at Strathspey Performing Arts Centre.

The box office is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. People interested in a ticket are encouraged to call 902-945-5300 or visit in person.