PORT HASTINGS: Needed upgrades will lead to some delayed traffic at the Canso Causeway.
On October 27, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal announced that the Canso Canal will be closed to marine traffic from November 1 to May 14 as it continues to make upgrades and repair work.
The work includes upgrades to the swing bridge, a new operators’ building, as well as structural, mechanical, and electrical repairs.
The department also announced a temporary bridge is going up within two weeks to accommodate vehicular traffic.
“The closure lasts until May 15 so we hope that we’re going to be able to move traffic back to the main bridge and have that bridge out of there by May 15,” said Andrew MacPherson, project engineer with DTIR.
“There will be minimal [vehicle traffic interruptions]. There will be some, from time-to-time, it’s just the nature of the work but they should be pretty minimal given that we’re putting a detour bridge in.”
Ideally, he said, the old bridge will open to vehicle traffic by May 1.
MacPherson said there are still minor repairs needed on the facility but this is the last part of the major portion of rehabilitation work for the Canso Canal. The overall cost of the project was around $8.9 million. The project is scheduled to wrap up next fall.
The Government of Canada owns the Canso Canal, which is operated by the Canadian Coast Guard.img_0851causeway13canso-canal-0490