PORT HOOD: Council took a moment to acknowledge the passing of Esther Pond, who died at the age of 99 on April 22.
Warden Bonny MacIsaac said Pond was one of the last survivor members of the Dr. John Harris lineage, who was the first doctor at the settlement of Pictou.
After moving to Port Hood in 1945 with her husband John, Pond then joined the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Services at the age of 19 in Ontario, later stationed in Halifax as a Steward Class 3 at HMCS Stadacona in the dockyards where she served as a the general clerk messenger and sail maker, the warden noted.
MacIsaac said Pond was an active member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 132 until the time of her death and was the last surviving Second World War veteran for the Port Hood legion branch.

Council approved the Margaree and Area Development Association for a $6,401.76 grant to conduct efficiency upgrades, with the money coming from unspent 2021-2022 District 2 Community Development Grant funds.
The Glendale and Area Community Co-operative was approved by council for $23,563.93 for outdoor stage renovations, with $5,000 from District 6 2022-2023 CDC funding, $6,781.96 from the Regional CDC Budget, and the remaining $11,781.97 to be discussed at budget deliberations.
Council agreed to table a request from Lit Up Adventures to get more information on Phase 1 of their trail development proposal.

Council approved a proclamation declaring May Gaelic Awareness Month.
MacIsaac said this year marks the 26th anniversary of Gaelic Nova Scotia Month which is a time to recognize, honour, and celebrate the history, culture, language, contributions, and achievements of Gaels across the province.
The proclamation was approved because the Gaelic culture is an integral part of Nova Scotian identity and one of the earliest non-Indigenous cultures of the province, the warden noted.
With new generations of language learners and cultural champions carrying on the tradition, the warden said the government remains committed to collaborating with Gaelic communities to support opportunities for enhanced learning to ensure the language and culture will thrive.